Le Origini di Venezia
Dolci e salate.
L'acqua all'origine di Venezia


Between land and water


In a natural environment where men in order to survive must "tear" the land to the sea, we are witnessing the remediation of the lagoon areas and the expansion of the available areas. The remediation techniques were complex and, over time we witnessed the creation of new islands as well as the disappearance of the lands that had once emerged. Since ancient times in the lagoon north of Venice were built banks made of wooden pilings sometimes with wooden boards that allowed the containment of powerful mass of the remains of pottery, of brick and of amphorae in particular where the use of stone, necessarily imported, was more expensive.

Between land and water

Little Atlanteans: disappeared islands and capitals
Internal and external waterways


Crossing waters
Water and health
Between land and water
Water and the sacred